As an industrial design student at Emily Carr University I designed several wood products using a variety of technologies and techniques including laser cutting, molding plywood and creating multiples using a pin router. 


Ede is an interactive object for children designed to encourage children to interact with their imagination and kinetics. The rope and bungee cord used to hold ede together create exciting and unexpected kinetic movements that bring ede 'alive'. Children can interact with ede in a variety of ways including independently or with friends and parents. 

Collaboration with Nicole Jang, Jared Rhind, Lorenzo Giuffre, Logan Gilday and Ron Luther

Havdalah Spice Box

Havdalah is a traditional Jewish ceremony that signifies the transition from the days of rest to the days of work. It is said to be important to use all five sense while transitioning, therefore the ceremony includes passing around a box of sweet smelling spices.

This laser cut spice box is designed to fit in a standard envelope for mailing. Shipped flat, the spice box can then be easily assembled by the recipient. 


"U-hu, I'm over here!" Designed for hanging and holding Uhu is great to hang coats and store small stuff like keys.

Collaboration with Nicole Jang